Purple Squirrels

purple squirrels, Healthcare Placement Consultants in Ahmedabad

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  • Head Hunting
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  • Team Lead Hiring
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We always marvel at the best architectural structures around the world. Be it Taj Mahal in India or the Aquarium Blue Planet in Copenhagen, one admires the beauty and the perfection of curves, the creativity of architects and a perfect team work. The architects have given expression to what the entrepreneur or the risk taker wanted. The entrepreneur, often misunderstood, confused and mislead took up the hard task of identifying those architects, the so called “Purple Squirrels” from various corners of the world to give expression to his dream.

Purple squirrel – Team specialized in Head hunting/ indentifying top performers and leaders in specific sectors. The perfect candidate is as rare as real-life purple squirrel. We do head hunt across the sectors of  Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research, FMCG & FMCD, IT, Engineering, Auto Ancillaries and Education to meet our clients’ demand to identify the perfect candidates or the prized purple squirrels that can handle all the expansive responsibilities of a job with no wastage of time and allow businesses to function smoothly.

Our team of “Purple Squirrels” make the task of identifying the “Purple Squirrels” for our clients easier. They are specialized in Head hunting/ identifying top performers and leaders in specific sectors.