Career Benders

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Career Benders- is an initiative of Primrose and it is into promoting and imparting training and development activities. It aims to cater a wide range of individuals including unemployed individuals, students, graduates and career aspirants in understanding what is required of them to be successful in an ever demanding job market. “Career Benders” is venturing into a career building training program known as “Be Employed India”.

Be Employed India Curriculum aims to help unemployed individuals, students, graduates and career aspirants to understand what is required of them to be successful in the job market. We have a clear commitment to employability; we use Personal Brand development and industry knowledge to create programmes that would aid career advancement and the work life cycle in general. Curriculum is taught via workshops and coaching by industry experts.

Why do we do it?

Be Employed India we like to focus our attention on helping all jobseekers (graduates, apprentices, interns, college students and those in career transition) on their journey into employment. Given current levels of unemployment and job insecurity we want to ensure that our clients are prepared for the competitive job market.

Highlights of the Program

Career Orientation before/during Higher Education / Further Education

It is essential to set these behaviours from a young age, as there are a number of concerns surrounding the youth; one of which is that they are not ‘employable’. We want to ensure they have the right orientation; to give them the correct skill set, to enable them to dress and communicate in the appropriate manner for an interview and at the work environment. The Mission is to prepare these individuals for life after education, thus ensuring they are the ‘right fit’ from the beginning.

We have a diverse offering that caters to the youth and their ability to create an effective personal brand to enhance their opportunities. Our offering includes presentations on effective communication, CV writing, interview skills, business etiquette, personal styling and grooming.